[ noun ] the property of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required


deficit shortfall

Used in print

(John R. Sargent, "Where To Aim Your Planning for Bigger...)

There is a shortage of salesmen today .

(The Rev. John A. O'Brien, "Let's Take Birth Control...)

This means that such factors as the health of the parents , particularly the mother , their ability to provide their children with the necessities of life , the degree of population density of a country and the shortage of housing facilities may legitimately be taken into consideration in determining the number of offspring .

(Randall Stewart, "A Little History, a Little Honesty: A...)

Was it supposed , perchance , that A_+_M ( vocational_training , that_is ) was quite sufficient for the immigrant_class which flooded that part of the New_England world in the post Civil_War period , the immigrants having been brought_in from Southern Europe , to work in the mills , to make_up for the labor shortage caused by migration to the West ?

(Doris Miles Disney, Mrs. Meeker's Money....)

No discrepancies or shortages had ever been found .

[ noun ] a severe shortage (especially a shortage of food)


famine dearth

Used in print

(John Harnsberger and Robert P. Wilkins,...)

It was from the American outposts that Red_River shortages of livestock were to be made good .

(Statements 87th Congress, 1st Session. Appropriations,...)

In_view_of the increasing shortage of usable surface and ground_water in many parts of the Nation and the importance of finding new sources of supply to meet its present and future water needs , it is the policy of the Congress to provide_for the development of practicable low-cost means for the large-scale production of water of a quality suitable for municipal , industrial , agricultural , and other beneficial consumptive uses from saline water , and for studies and research related thereto .

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