[ adjective ] coming next after the nineteenth in position



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(William G. Pollard, Physicist and Christian....)

Yet are not we of the mid twentieth century , who rightly do not believe there is any such `` thing '' as the devil , just as bad off as they - only in a different way ?

(Tristram P. Coffin, "Folklore in the American Twentieth...)

Thus , if we are to observe American folklore in the twentieth century , we will do_well to establish the relationships between folklore , nationalism and imperialism at the outset .

Of_course , nationalism has really outlived its usefulness in a country as world oriented as ours , and its continued existence reflects one of the major culture lags of the twentieth century United_States .

From all this we can now see that two streams of development run through the history of twentieth century American folklore .

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[ noun ] position 20 in a countable series of things

Used in print

(Randall Stewart, "A Little History, a Little Honesty: A...)

There were more indications by the mid twentieth century .

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