[ noun ] bottle that has a narrow neck

Used in print

(Francis J. Johnston and John E. Willard, "The...)

The silver_chloride was fused under vacuum in the presence of aluminum chips with the resultant product of * * f which was sublimed into a flask on the vacuum line .

Purified inactive chlorine was then added from one of the tubes described above and the mixture frozen_out and sealed_off in a flask equipped with a break_seal .

This chlorine carbon_tetrachloride solution was illuminated for a day following which the flask was resealed onto a vacuum system and the excess chlorine distilled off .

(M. Yokoyama et al., "Chemical and serological...)

the other , a shallow concave gradient ( Fig. 1 ) , was produced with a so-called `` cone sphere '' apparatus , the `` cone '' being a 2 - liter Erlenmeyer_flask and the `` sphere , '' a 2 - liter round-bottom flask .

[ noun ] the quantity a flask will hold



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