flower has definitions from the field of botany
[ noun ] (botany) a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms

Used in print

(Organic Gardening and Farming,...)

Pansies are supposed to like it cool , but those great velvety flowers were healthy and perky in the glaring sun .

These specialists , I learned , have done a great_deal of work to improve the size and health of the plants and the resulting flowers .

Occasionally , when he had an unusual flower that he wanted more of he did ; but pansy seeds , he told me , soon `` run_down '' .

Every time you transplant a pansy you cause its flowers to become smaller .

That encourages rooting , and the better developed the roots , the larger and more plentiful the flowers .

[ noun ] (botany) reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts


blossom bloom

Used in print

(Peter J. White, "Report on Laos"...)

In the villages people lined_up to give us flowers .

The preparations were elaborate : flowers , candles , incense sticks , rice wine , dozens of delicacies , and pieces of white cotton string .

The strings were draped around flowers in tall silver bowls ( page 261 ) .

(Helen Hooven Santmyer, "There Were Fences"...)

One looked down on a sea of leaves , a breaking wave of flower .

Other flowers we might gather as we pleased : myrtle and white_violets from beneath the lilacs ; the lilacs themselves , that bloomed so prodigally but for_the_most_part beyond our reach ; snowballs ; hollyhock blossoms that , turned upside_down , make pink petticoated ladies ; and the little , dark_blue larkspur that scattered its seed everywhere .

[ verb ] (botany) produce or yield flowers


bloom blossom


"The cherry tree bloomed"

Used in print

(Rhode Island Governor's Proclamations:...)

Ballet flowered in Italy during the next hundred years , and about 1550 was carried to France when the Italian princess , Catherine de Medicis , married the King of France .

[ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 6083
[ noun ] the period of greatest prosperity or productivity