folksy has definitions from the field of agriculture
[ adjective ] (agriculture) characteristic of country life


"cracker-barrel philosophy" "folksy humor" "the air of homespun country boys"

Used in print

(Gibson Winter, The Suburban Captivity of the...)

The vulnerability of Protestant congregations to social differences has often been attributed to the `` folksy spirit '' of Protestant religious life ; in_fact , a contrast is often drawn in this regard with the `` impersonal '' Roman_Catholic parish .

We have seen that the folksy spirit is confined to economic peers ; consequently , the vulnerability to social difference should not be attributed to the stress on personal community in Protestant congregations ; actually , there is little evidence of such personal community in Protestant congregations , as we shall see in another connection .

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[ adjective ] very informal and familiar


"a folksy radio commentator" "a folksy style"

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