fur has definitions from the fields of zoology,clothing
[ noun ] the dressed hairy coat of a mammal



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(John Harnsberger and Robert P. Wilkins,...)

The Selkirk settlers had been anticipated in their move southward by British fur traders .

When in 1816 an act of Congress forced the foreign firm out of the United_States , its British born employees , now become American citizens - Joseph_Rolette , Joseph_Renville and Alexis_Bailly - continued in the fur business .

Hercules_L._Dousman , fur trader and merchant at Prairie_du_Chien , contracted to supply Selkirk 's people with some 300 head of cattle , and Alexis_Bailly and Francois_Labothe were hired as drovers .

The resultant town , platted in 1847 and named for the patron of Father_Galtier 's mission , St._Paul , was to become an important center of the fur trade and was to take_on a new interest for those Selkirkers who remained at Red_River .

Accordingly , though the practice violated the no trading provision of the Selkirk charter which reserved all such activity in merchandise and furs to the Hudson's_Bay_Company , some settlers went into trade .

[ noun ] (zoology) dense coat of fine silky hairs on an mammals e.g. cat or seal or weasel

Used in print

(John Harnsberger and Robert P. Wilkins,...)

Selkirk persuaded eighty men and four officers to go_to Red_River where they were to serve as a military_force to protect his settlers from the hostile Northwest_Company which resented the intrusion of farmers into the fur traders ' empire .

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coat undercoat guard_hair

[ noun ] (clothing) a garment made of fur

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