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[ noun ] (news) new information about specific and timely events


"they awaited news of the outcome"

Used in print

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

It is not news that Nathan_Milstein is a wizard of the violin .

(Edward E. Kelly, S.J., "Christian Unity in England"...)

Almost daily something is reported which feeds this Catholic hope in England : statistics of the increasing numbers of converts and Irish Catholic immigrants ; news of a Protestant minister in Leamington who has offered to allow a Catholic priest to preach from his pulpit ; a report that a Catholic nun had been requested to teach in a non-Catholic secondary_school during the sickness of one of its masters ; the startling statement in a respectable periodical that `` Catholics , if the present system is still in_operation , will constitute almost one-third of the House_of_Lords in the next generation '' ; a report that 200 Protestant clergymen and laity attended a votive Mass offered for Christian unity at a Catholic_church in Slough during the Church Unity Octave .

(Gerald Green, The Heartless Light....)

`` Maybe today 'll be a good news day '' .

(Ann Hebson, The Lattimer Legend....)

They stayed in their own world on the bluff , waiting for letters and the peddler , bringing the news .

(Stephen Longstreet, Eagles Where I Walk....)

He would send_on by trusted messenger the dispatches with their electrifying news .

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[ noun ] (news) new information of any kind


"it was news to me"

Used in print

(Leo Lemon, "Catch Up With" and "Something to...)

Likewise , and equally fascinating , is the news that such unlikely synonyms as `` pratakku '' , `` sweathruna '' , and the tongue-twister `` nnuolapertar-it-vuh-karti-biri-pitknoumen '' all originated_in the same village in Bathar-on-Walli_Province and are all used to express sentiments concerning British `` imperialism '' .

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[ noun ] (television,performing arts,news) a program devoted to news


"we watch the 7 o'clock news every night"

Used in print

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

I am sure that nothing within me is capable of composing that life-like sequence , so complete in_detail , from the hodge-podge of news pictures I have seen .

(John Cheever, "The Brigadier and the Golf Widow,"...)

Charlie ate some supper in the kitchen and went_into the TV_room to hear the news .

(Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land....)

Yes , I heard it in the news `` .

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[ noun ] (news) information reported in a newspaper or news magazine


"the news of my death was greatly exaggerated"

Used in print

(The Sun, [Baltimore],...)

The flavor of Baltimore 's Florida_Grapefruit_League news ripened considerably late today when the Orioles were advised that Ron_Hansen has fulfilled his obligations under the Army 's military training_program and is ready for belated spring_training .

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch,...)

Perhaps the Pirate who will be the unhappiest over the news that Musial probably will sit_out most of the series is Bob_Friend , who was beaten by The_Man twice last season on dramatic home_runs .

(Handbook of Federal Aids to Communities. U.S. Dep...)

Proposed property sales of general interest to small business_concerns are publicized through SBA regional news releases , and by `` flyers '' directed to the small business_concerns .

(John Michael Ray, "Rhode Island's Reactions...)

Upon receiving the news , Northern writers , editors , and clergymen heaped accusations of murder on the Southern states , particularly Virginia .

(Guy Endore, Voltaire! Voltaire!...)

All these emotions were screwed_up to new heights when , after acceptance and the first rehearsals , there ensued such a buzz of excitement among Parisian music_lovers that Duclos had_to come running to Rousseau to inform him that the news had reached the superintendent of the King 's amusements , and that he was now demanding that the work be offered first at the royal summer palace of Fontainebleau .

[ noun ] (news) the quality of being sufficiently interesting to be reported in news bulletins




"the judge conceded the newsworthiness of the trial" "he is no longer news in the fashion world"

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