prophecy has definitions from the field of religion
[ noun ] knowledge of the future (usually said to be obtained from a divine source)

Used in print

(Howard Nemerov, "Themes and Methods: The Early...)

La^utner , for his part , `` belonged_to the present-day race of small artists , who do not demand the utmost of themselves '' , and the bitter description of the type includes such epithets as `` wretched little poseurs '' , the devastating indictment `` they do not know how to be wretched decently and in_order '' , and the somewhat extreme prophecy , so_far not fulfilled : `` They will be destroyed '' .

[ noun ] (religion) a prediction uttered under divine inspiration



Used in print

(Bern Dibner, "Oerstad and the Discovery of Electro...)

In May , 1803 , Ritter , in another flight of fancy , wrote to Oersted a letter that contained a remarkable prophecy .

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