ransack has definitions from the field of criminal law
[ verb ] (criminal law) steal goods; take as spoils


"During the earthquake people looted the stores that were deserted by their owners"

Used in print

(S. J. Perelman, The Rising Gorge. New York:...)

Hastening to the attic , the temperature of_which was easily hotter than the Gold_Coast , you proceeded to mask the windows with a fancy wool coverlet , some khaki pants , and the_like , and to ransack the innumerable boxes and barrels stored there .

[ verb ] search thoroughly




"They combed the area for the missing child"

Used in print

(Arthur Miller, "The Prophecy," in The Best...)

Everywhere else his ideas lay or hung in visible form : his models , drawings , ten foot canvases in monochromes from his painting days , and underfoot a windfall of broken-backed books that looked as_though their insides had been ransacked by a maniac .

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