secretary_of_the_interior has definitions from the fields of work,government,politics
[ noun ] (work,government) the position of the head of the Department of the Interior


"the position of Interior Secretary was created in 1849"

Used in print

(Statements 87th Congress, 1st Session. Appropriations,...)

In_order to accomplish the purposes of_this Act , the Secretary_of_the_Interior shall -

In carrying_out his functions under section 2 of_this Act , the Secretary may -

Research and development activities undertaken by the Secretary shall be coordinated or conducted jointly with the Department_of_Defense to the end that developments under this Act which are primarily of a civil nature will contribute to the defense of the Nation and that developments which are primarily of a military nature will , to the greatest practicable extent compatible with military and security requirements , be available to advance the purposes of_this Act and to strengthen the civil economy of the Nation .

All research within the United_States contracted for , sponsored , cosponsored , or authorized under authority of_this Act , shall be provided for in such manner that all information , uses , products , processes , patents , and other developments resulting from such research developed by Government expenditure will ( with such exceptions and limitations , if any , as the Secretary may find to be necessary in the interest of national defense ) be available to the general public .

The Secretary may dispose of water and byproducts resulting from his operations under this Act .

[ noun ] (politics) the person who holds the secretaryship of the Interior Department


"President Taylor appointed Thomas Ewing as the first Secretary of the Interior"

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