sheriff has definitions from the field of law
[ noun ] (law) the principal law-enforcement officer in a county

Used in print

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

`` Everything went real smooth '' , the sheriff said .

(Jim Berry Pearson, The Maxwell Land Grant....)

They were reluctant to appoint sheriffs to protect the property , thus running_the_risk of creating disturbances such_as that on the Vermejo , and yet the cowboys protested that they got no salary for arresting cattle_thieves and running_the_risk of being shot .

Although wanted by the sheriff for killing an old_man named Asher_Jones , the warrant for his arrest had never been served .

The sheriff and District_Attorney_Mills hastily swore_out a number of warrants against men who had been riding about armed , according_to signed statements by Chavez and Dr._I._P._George , and ordered Deputy_Barney_Clark of Raton to rescue the posseman .

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