[ verb ] appear or become visible; make a showing


"She turned up at the funeral" "I hope the list key is going to surface again"

Used in print

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

Charles_A._Black , COAHR chairman , said Friday that three theater representatives had agreed to meet with the students on Oct. 31 but had failed to show_up .

(Larry Koller, "The New Guns of '61"...)

A fresh crop of beginners ' guns showed_up in 1961 , and they 're good bets for your Christmas_gift list if you 're wondering what to get for a youngster .

(Sexology, 28:1...)

It is far better to have such conditions treated in_advance than to have them show_up on the honeymoon where they can create a really serious situation .

(A. A. Fair, Bachelors Get Lonely....)

`` If you expect her to show_up '' , she said , `` you 'd better put ' and wife ' on there .

(Richard Tiernan, "Land of the Silver Dollar,"...)

They all had the hard look of gamblers who had stopped dreaming , who automatically turned the cards , hardly caring what showed_up .

Related terms

appear open

[ verb ] be or become visible or noticeable




"His good upbringing really shows" "The dirty side will show"

Used in print

(Richard Ferber, Bitter Valley....)

He had n't shown_up too well in their eyes , letting himself be browbeaten by a woman .

Related terms

appear register