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[ noun ] someone who administers a business



Used in print

(Sports Age, 24:9...)

Personnel assigned through the shooting development program have proudly participated in over 53 state and regional workshops , at which hundreds of school administrators , teachers , professors , and recreational leaders have been introduced to Outdoor Education .

(Raymond J. Corsini et al., Roleplaying in Business...)

Despite the fact that he was regarded_as an outstanding engineer , he seemed to be a very poor administrator , although no one quite knew what was wrong with him .

(Doris Miles Disney, Mrs. Meeker's Money....)

Brian_Thayer was a thoroughly honest and competent administrator .

[ noun ] (law) the party appointed by a probate court to distribute the estate of someone who dies without a will or without naming an executor

Used in print

(Legislation on Foreign Relations. Committee on Foreign...)

Provided , That if the total award is not over $ 500 and there is no qualified executor or administrator , payment may be made to the person or persons found by the Comptroller_General of the United_States to be entitled thereto , without the necessity of compliance with the requirements of law with_respect_to the administration of estates ;

(Your Federal Income Tax. 1962 Edition (Revised to...)

If a taxpayer dies , the executor , administrator , or legal representative must file the final return for the decedent on or before the 15_th day of the 4_th month following the close of the deceased taxpayer 's normal tax year .

(Doris Miles Disney, Mrs. Meeker's Money....)

Two millions were added to what had been set_aside for it in Mrs._Meeker 's lifetime , and the proviso made that as long as Brian_Thayer continued to discharge his duties as administrator of the fund to the satisfaction of the board_of_trustees ( hereinafter appointed by the bank administering the estate ) he was to be retained in his present capacity at a salary commensurate with the increased responsibilities enlargement of the fund would entail .

Related terms

fiduciary administer

[ noun ] (government) someone who manages a government agency or department