[ adjective ] greater in size or importance or degree


"for the greater good of the community" "the greater Antilles"

Used in print

(Schubert Ogden, Christ Without Myth....)

In_order to make the implications of our position as clear as possible , we may develop this argument at greater length .

(Mr. America, 4:6...)

Indeed , a lighter weight works much better because a greater , more extensive split can be_performed .

(High Fidelity, 11:10...)

This absence of peaky highs and beefed-up bass not_only produces greater fidelity , but it eliminates listener fatigue .

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

In this manner they side-step the seemingly hopeless investigation of the greater depths of mystery in which all_of us grope continually .

(LeRoy Fothergill, "Biological Warfare", in Peter...)

It is quite likely that an even greater area was covered , particularly downwind .

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