[ adjective ] relating to a clinic or conducted in or as if in a clinic and depending on direct observation of patients


"clinical observation" "clinical case study"

Used in print

(LeRoy Fothergill, "Biological Warfare", in Peter...)

In some instances a different clinical disease picture may result from this route of exposure , making diagnosis difficult .

(J. W. C. Hagstrom et al., "Debilitating muscular...)

Muscle weakness is now recognized as an uncommon though serious complication of steroid therapy , with most of the synthetic adrenal corticosteroids in clinical use .

The clinical impression at this time was either muscular_dystrophy or polymyositis .

(E. Gellhorn, "Prolegomena to a theory of the emotions"...)

Physiological experiments and clinical observations have shown that these procedures influence the hypothalamically controlled hypophyseal secretions and increase sympathetic discharges .

Some investigators have found a parallelism between remissions and return of the sympathetic reactivity of the hypothalamus to the normal level as indicated by the Mecholyl_test and , conversely , between clinical impairment and increasing deviation of this test from the norm .

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[ adjective ] scientifically detached; unemotional


"he spoke in the clipped clinical monotones typical of police testimony"

Used in print

(David Boroff, "Jewish Teen-Age Culture"...)

Intermarriage , which is generally regarded_as a threat to Jewish survival , was regarded not with horror or apprehension but with a kind of mild , clinical disapproval .

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