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[ adjective ] occurring at or forming an end or termination


"his concluding words came as a surprise" "the final chapter" "the last days of the dinosaurs" "terminal leave"

Used in print

(The Sun, [Baltimore],...)

Keegan , a 6 - foot - 3 - inch 158 - pounder , gave_up the Orioles ' last two safeties over the final three frames , escaping a load of trouble in the ninth when the Birds threatened but failed to tally .

Then Kerr , a graduate_student from Illinois , moved past him on a straightaway and held_off Mills 's challenge on the final turn .

The crowd at the twenty-first annual K._of_C._Games , final indoor meet of the season , got a thrill a_few minutes earlier when a slender , bespectacled woman broke the one week old world_record in the half-mile run .

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

The Air_Force's , and the game 's , final play , was a long pass by quarterback Bob_McNaughton which Gannon intercepted on his own 44 and returned 22 yards .

(The New York Times,...)

Mazeroski , whose homer beat the Yankees in the final series game , will receive the Babe_Ruth_Award as the outstanding player in the 1960 world_series .

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[ adjective ] conclusive in a process or progression


last net


"the final answer" "a last resort" "the net result"

Used in print

(Norman Kent, "The Watercolor Art of Roy M. Mason"...)

If a human figure or wild_life are to be part of the projected final picture , I try to place them in the initial sketch .

For me , these will belong more completely to their surroundings if they are conceived in this early stage , though I freely admit that I do not hesitate to add or eliminate figures on the full sheet when it serves my final purpose .

Out of long experience I have found that incidental figures and other objects like trees , logs , and bushes can be traced from the original sketch and moved about in the major areas on the final sheet until they occupy the right position , which I call ' clicking ' .

When this occurs , I make the change on the sketch or on the final watercolor - if I have been working on a full sheet in the field .

Trial_and_error are better placed in the preliminary sketch than in hoping for miracles in the final painting .

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[ adjective ] not to be altered or undone




"the judge's decision is final" "the arbiter will have the last say"

Used in print

(Legislation on Foreign Relations. Committee on Foreign...)

The action of the Commission in allowing or denying any claim under this title shall be final and conclusive on all questions of law and fact and not subject_to review by the Secretary_of_State or any other official , department , agency , or establishment of the United_States or by any court by mandamus or otherwise .

Such certification shall be final and conclusive and shall not be subject to review by any other official or department , agency , or establishment of the United_States .

(U.S. Reports. Volume 364. Cases Adjudged in the...)

As was said in Gonzales , `` it is the Appeal_Board which renders the selective_service determination considered ' final ' in the courts , not to be overturned unless there is no basis in fact .

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[ noun ] (sport) the final match between the winners of all previous matches in an elimination tournament
[ noun ] (education) an examination administered at the end of an academic term

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