irregularity has definitions from the fields of mathematics,geometry,medicine
[ noun ] behavior that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality



Used in print

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

The Fulton_County_Grand_Jury said Friday an investigation of Atlanta 's recent primary_election produced `` no evidence '' that any irregularities took_place .

The September October term jury had been charged by Fulton Superior_Court_Judge_Durwood_Pye to investigate reports of possible `` irregularities '' in the hard-fought primary which was won by Mayor-nominate_Ivan_Allen_Jr. .

Many local citizens feared that there would be irregularities at the polls , and Williams got himself a permit to carry a gun and promised an orderly election .

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misbehavior deviation

[ noun ] not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals



Used in print

(Walter H. Buchsbaum, "Advances in Medical Electronics"...)

The original electrocardiograph primarily indicates irregularities in the heartbeat , but today 's techniques allow exact measurements of the flow of blood through the aorta , dimensioning of the heart and its chambers , and a much more detailed study of each heartbeat .

(Hugh Kelly and Ted Ziehe, "Glossary Lookup Made Easy"...)

When irregularity and variation prevent summarizing , information is written in complete detail .

[ noun ] (mathematics,geometry) an irregular asymmetry in shape; an irregular spatial pattern

Used in print

(Jay C. Harris and John R. Van Wazer, "Detergent...)

The dirt on the soiled objects is mechanically held by surface irregularities to some extent .

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[ noun ] (medicine) irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels; can be a symptom of intestinal obstruction or diverticulitis