[ noun ] the condition of being essential or indispensable

Used in print

(William G. Pollard, Physicist and Christian....)

When we see the steady and methodical inculcation into humanity of the idea of man 's worthlessness - until redeemed - the necessity of the Devil may become evident as a weapon , a weapon designed and used time_and_time_again in every age to whip men into a surrender to a particular church or church-state '' .

(Edward Austin Walton, "On Education for the Interior...)

Yet nobody will question the necessity of all this and any reputable interior_designer does know all this and does practice it .

It is possible , of_course , to work_on extant or projected buildings where either architect or owner will explain their necessities so_that the student may get `` the feel '' of real interior_design demands .

The necessity of that day has long disappeared .

It will occur to anyone that the teacher must have adequate education , a depth and breadth of knowledge far beyond the immediate necessities of his course plus complete dedication to his subject and to his students .

[ noun ] anything indispensable


"food and shelter are necessities of life" "the essentials of the good life" "allow farmers to buy their requirements under favorable conditions" "a place where the requisites of water fuel and fodder can be obtained"

Used in print

(Edward Austin Walton, "On Education for the Interior...)

The suggested course of the A.I.D. was based on the usual course offered and on the opinion of many educators as to curricular necessities .

And further he must understand his obligation to the client to not_only meet his physical necessities but also to enhance and improve his life and to enlarge the cultural horizon of our society .

Yet even here many_a problem is presented ; as in a recent design competition with a floor_plan and the simple command - `` design a luxury apartment '' ; no description of the client or his cultural level , no assertion of geographical_area or local social necessities - simply `` a luxury apartment '' .

(J. H. Hexter, "Thomas More: On the Margins...)

When we give the necessities of life to the poor , we restore to them what is already theirs .