[ noun ] concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; right or good conduct

Used in print

(The Rev. John A. O'Brien, "Let's Take Birth Control...)

What determines the morality , they state , is not the means used , but the motive .

(Kenneth Allsop, The Bootleggers and Their Era...)

He had no apparent comprehension of morality ; he divided humanity into `` right guys '' and `` wrong guys '' , and the wrong ones he was always willing to kill and trample under .

(Robert E. Lane, The Liberties of Wit: Humanism, Critici...)

It is possible that the study of literature affects the conscience , the morality , the sensitivity to some code of `` right '' and `` wrong '' .

(Morton A. Kaplan and Nicholas de B. Katzenbach,...)

It lost sight of the individual almost entirely and confined itself to rules limiting the exercise of state power for reasons essentially unconnected with justice or morality save as these values might affect international relations .

Indeed , with developed positivism , the separation of law from justice , or from morality generally , became quite specific .

[ noun ] motivation based on ideas of right and wrong

Used in print

(Glayds H. Barr, The Master of Geneva....)

How can we have a good city unless we respect morality '' ?