performance has definitions from the field of performing arts
[ noun ] (performing arts) a dramatic or musical entertainment


"they listened to ten different performances" "the play ran for 100 performances" "the frequent performances of the symphony testify to its popularity"

Used in print

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

Not the noblest performance we have heard him play , or the most spacious , or even the most eloquent .

It got the kind of scrambled , coarsened performance that can happen to best of orchestras when the man with the baton lacks technique and style .

(The Christian Science Monitor,...)

An enthusiastic audience confirmed the `` live '' character of the hour , and provided the interaction between musician and hearer which almost always seems to improve the quality of performance .

One of the script 's big problems was how to blend pictures and music of the past with live performances by musicians of today .

As she gained composure during the second act , her technical resourcefulness emerged stronger , though she had already revealed a trill almost unprecedented in years of performances of `` Lucia '' .

[ noun ] (performing arts) the act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment


"we congratulated him on his performance at the rehearsal" "an inspired performance of Mozart's C minor concerto"

Used in print

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

Splendid , too , is the performance of Yuri_Tolubeyev , one of Russia 's leading comedians , as Sancho_Panza , the fat , grotesque `` squire '' .

(The Providence Journal...)

I was delighted with Paula_Prentiss ' comedy performance , which was as fresh and unstilted as one 's highest hopes might ask .

The only performance which was too soft for me was that of Yvette_Mimieux , but since someone had to become the victim of despoilers , just to emphasize that such things do happen at these fracases , I suppose this was the attitude the part called_for .

(High Fidelity, 11:10...)

The many and frequent performances of the Trout serve to emphasize the dual nature of its writing .

Recently I was struck anew by the divergent approaches , when in the course of one afternoon and evening I listened to no fewer than ten different performances .

[ noun ] the act of performing; of doing something successfully; using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it


"they criticised his performance as mayor" "experience generally improves performance"

Used in print

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

Meek expressed particular gratification at the defensive performances of end Happy_Nelson and halfback Billy_Gannon .

(Rocky Mountains News, [Denver, Colorado],...)

I remember his beardown performance in a meaningless exhibition_game at Bears_Stadium Oct. 14 , 1951 , before a new record crowd for the period of 18792 .

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch,...)

Mankowski , the ball-hawking defensive expert , was cited for his performance against Bradley in St._Louis_U. 's nationally televised victory .

(Bonnie Prudden, "The Dancer and the Gymnast"...)

When the child raises his seat into the air , the teacher takes_hold under both sides of the pelvis ; then no_matter_what_happens , the child 's performance will be controlled .

(Frederick Mosteller et al., Probability with...)

Each performance of an n-trial binomial experiment results in some whole_number from 0 through n as the value of the random_variable X , where * * f .

[ noun ] process or manner of functioning or operating


"the power of its engine determine its operation" "the plane's operation in high winds" "they compared the cooking performance of each oven" "the jet's performance conformed to high standards"

Used in print

(Max F. Millikan and Donald L. M. Blackmer,...)

We have every obligation to take seriously their claims to being democratic and free countries ; we also have , in consequence , the duty to appraise realistically and honestly their performance and to communicate our judgments to their leaders in frank but friendly ways .

(Philip Jos‚ Farmer, The Lovers....)

Meanwhile , all the personnel except those few needed to carry_out the performance of the ship , went_into the suspensor .

Related terms

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[ noun ] any recognized accomplishment


"they admired his performance under stress" "when Roger Maris powered four home runs in one game his performance merits awe"