salient has definitions from the fields of military,heraldry
[ adjective ] having a quality that thrusts itself into attention


"an outstanding fact of our time" "a new theory is the most prominent feature of the book" "salient traits" "a spectacular rise in prices"

Used in print

(Robert E. Lane, The Liberties of Wit: Humanism, Critici...)

One of the most salient features of literary value has been deemed to be its influence upon and organization of emotion .

In B._M._Spinley 's portrayal of the underprivileged and undereducated youth of London , a salient finding was the inability to postpone gratification , a need to satisfy impulses immediately without the pleasure of anticipation or of savoring the experience .

(Frances and Richard Lockridge, Murder Has...)

There was also the one salient question to ask , and ask widely : Did you notice anything out_of_the_way ?

Related terms


[ adjective ] (of angles) pointing outward at an angle of less than 180 degrees

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[ adjective ] (heraldry) represented as leaping (rampant but leaning forward)

Related terms

heraldry inclined

[ noun ] (military) the part of the line of battle that projects closest to the enemy