[ noun ] lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike


"he was held in contempt" "the despite in which outsiders were held is legendary"

Used in print

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

Rudyard_Kipling 's scorn for the `` jargon '' of psychical research was altered somewhat when he wondered `` how , or why , had I been shown an unreleased roll of my life film '' ?

(Whit Masterson, Evil Come, Evil Go....)

But when he was finally through , their scorn was made apparent .

Related terms

dislike contemn

[ verb ] look down on with disdain


"He despises the people he has to work for" "The professor scorns the students who don't catch on immediately"

Used in print

(Harold Searles, "Schizophrenic Communication,"...)

It is no coincidence that the hebephrenic patient , the most severely dedifferentiated of all schizophrenic patients , shows , as one of his characteristic symptoms , laughter - laughter which now makes one feel scorned or hated , which now makes one feel_like weeping , or which now gives one a glimpse of the bleak and empty expanse of man 's despair ; and which , more often than all these , conveys a welter of feelings which could in_no_way be conveyed by any number of words , words which are so unlike this welter in being formed and discrete from one another .

Related terms

hate contempt scorner despisal

[ verb ] reject with contempt


"She spurned his advances"

[ noun ] open disrespect for a person or thing



Related terms

disrespect sneer sneer contemn