significant has definitions from the field of statistics
[ adjective ] important in effect or meaning




"a significant change in tax laws" "a significant change in the Constitution" "a significant contribution" "significant details" "statistically significant"

Used in print

(Tristram P. Coffin, "Folklore in the American Twentieth...)

Nor have we remembered that in the melting_pot of America the hundreds of isolated and semi isolated ethnic , regional and occupational groups did not fuse into a homogeneous national unit until long after education and industrialization had caused them to cast oral tradition aside as a means of carrying culturally significant material .

(Howard Nemerov, "Themes and Methods: The Early...)

It is worth dwelling in some detail on the crisis of this story , because it brings_together a number of characteristic elements and makes of them a curious , riddling compound obscurely but centrally significant for Mann 's work .

(Cornell H. Mayer, "Radio Emission of the Moon...)

Other_than this very significant result , most_of the information now available about the radio_emission of the planets is restricted to the intensity of the radiation .

(J. F. Vedder, "Micrometeorites", in Francis S. J...)

Statistically , the most significant data have been collected from the sensors on 1958 Alpha ( Explorer_1 , ) , 1958 Delta_2 ( Sputnik 3 , ) , and 1959 Eta ( Vanguard 3 , ) .

(LeRoy Fothergill, "Biological Warfare", in Peter...)

Moreover , it should not be so fastidious in its growth requirements as to make production on a militarily significant scale improbable .

[ adjective ] fairly large




"won by a substantial margin"

Used in print

(James Bryant Conant, Slums and Suburbs...)

In my view , there should be a school which offers significant vocational_programs for boys within easy reach of every family in a city .

(Newton Stallknecht, "Ideas and Literature," in Newton S...)

It is obvious that the historian who seeks to recapture the ideas that have motivated human behavior throughout a given period will find the art and literature of that age one of his central and major concerns , by_no_means a mere supplement or adjunct of significant historical research .

(Public Papers of the Presidents of the U.S. D. D....)

Continuing technical problems involved in the use of this fuel , coupled with significant improvements in aircraft range through other means , have now raised serious questions about the value of the high energy fuel program .

(Hugh Kelly and Ted Ziehe, "Glossary Lookup Made Easy"...)

A significant reduction in the voume of store information is thus realized , especially for a highly inflected language such_as Russian .

(H. A. Gleason, "Review of African language studies...)

In the process , he develops some very significant observations about problems of a sort that are often difficult .

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[ adjective ] (statistics) too closely correlated to be attributed to chance and therefore indicating a systematic relation


"the interaction effect is significant at the .01 level" "no significant difference was found"

Used in print

(Jesse W. Grimes and Wesley Allinsmith, "Compuls...)

No significant difference was found in achievement between high and low compulsive children within the unstructured school .

Indeed their achievement scores were somewhat better on an absolute basis although the difference was not significant .

The interaction effect , which is significant at the .01 level , can be seen best in the contrast of mean scores .

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nonsignificant statistics

[ adjective ] rich in significance or implication


pregnant meaning


"a meaning look" "pregnant with meaning"

Used in print

(David Boroff, "Jewish Teen-Age Culture"...)

It is significant , too , that the older teen-agers I interviewed believed , unlike the younger ones , that Jewish students tend to do better academically than their gentile counterparts .

It is significant that the Catskills , which used_to be the summer playground for older teen-agers , a kind of summer suburb of New_York , no_longer attracts them in great numbers - except for those who work there as waiters , bus_boys , or counselors in the day_camps .

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