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[ noun ] (work) a person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text (especially of a newspaper or magazine)



Used in print

(The Times-Picayune, [New Orleans]...)

In an effort to fortify himself against the unforeseen upsets sure to arise in the future , Herbert_A._Leggett , banker editor of the Phoenix `` Arizona_Progress '' , reflects upon a_few of the depressing experiences of the feverish fifties .

Though it was a great relief when the big brains on these shows turned_out to be frauds and phonies , it did irreparable damage to the ego of the editor and many_another intelligent , well-informed American .

(Edward P. Lawton, "Northern Liberals and Southern...)

Time 's editor , Thomas_Griffith , in his book , The Waist High Culture , wrote : `` most of what was different about it ( the Deep_South ) I found myself unsympathetic to '' .

(John Michael Ray, "Rhode Island's Reactions...)

Upon receiving the news , Northern writers , editors , and clergymen heaped accusations of murder on the Southern states , particularly Virginia .

The editor 's main criticism of the trial was the haste with which it was conducted .

[ noun ] (computer science) a program designed to perform such editorial functions as rearrangement or modification or deletion of data