senator has definitions from the field of politics
[ noun ] (politics) a member of a senate

Used in print

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

Senators unanimously approved Thursday the bill of Sen._George_Parkhouse of Dallas authorizing establishment of day_schools for the deaf in Dallas and the four other largest counties .

Without dissent , senators passed a bill by Sen._A._R._Schwartz of Galveston authorizing establishment in the future of a school for the mentally_retarded in the Gulf_Coast district .

An adverse vote of 81 to 65 kept in the State_Affairs_Committee a bill which would order the referendum on the April 4 ballot , when Texas votes on a U.S. senator .

(Evan Esar, Humorous English; a guide to comic ,...)

`` Senator '' , said an interviewer , `` your constituents can n't understand from your speech last night just how you stand on the question '' .

replied the Senator .