[ noun ] measuring instrument for measuring temperature

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(1961 Research Highlights of the National Bureau of...)

The Bureau is pursuing an active program to provide a temperature scale and thermometer calibration services in the range 1.5 to 20 * * f .

Carbon resistors and impurity doped germanium resistors have been investigated for use as precision secondary thermometers in the liquid helium temperature region .

Several germanium resistors have been thermally cycled from 300 to 4.2 * * f and their resistances have been found to be reproducible within 1 3 millidegree when temperatures were derived from a vapor_pressure thermometer whose tubing is jacketed through most_of the liquid helium .

The reproducibilities of helium vapor-pressure thermometers have been investigated in conjunction with a `` constant temperature '' liquid helium bath from 4.2 to 1.8 * * f .

It has also been observed , in helium 2 , , that large discrepancies can exist between surface vapor_pressures and those pressures measured by a vapor_pressure thermometer .