[ noun ] the act of stabilizing




"he worked for price stabilization for farm products"

Used in print

(Statements 87th Congress, 1st Session. Appropriations,...)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House_of_Representatives of the United_States_of_America in Congress assembled , That the Secretary_of_the_Interior is hereby authorized and directed to establish and maintain a program of stabilization payments to small domestic producers of lead and zinc ores and concentrates in_order to stabilize the mining of lead and zinc by small domestic producers on public , Indian , and other lands as provided in_this Act .

Subject_to the limitations of_this Act , the Secretary shall make stabilization payments to small domestic producers upon presentation of evidence satisfactory to him of their status as such producers and of the sale by them of newly mined ores , or concentrates produced therefrom , as provided in_this Act .

[ noun ] the act of making something (as a vessel or aircraft) less likely to overturn



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