[ noun ] an attribute that must be met or complied with and that fits a person for something




"her qualifications for the job are excellent" "one of the qualifications for admission is an academic degree" "she has the makings of fine musician"

Used in print


What is interesting is that his positive qualifications for the post were revealed only as a kind of tail to his candidacy .

He has , moreover , another qualification which augurs well for the future .

(Edward Austin Walton, "On Education for the Interior...)

Not_only should every educator above the rank of instructor be expected to be a member of one of the professional organizations , but his first qualification for membership as an educator should be so sharply scrutinized that membership would be equivalent_to certification to teach the subject .

This seems somewhat shortsighted since if the absolute educational qualifications for membership which the organizations profess are ever enforced , the educator will have the molding of the entire profession in his hands .

The local decorator who rushes in for a_few hours of teaching may but more likely may_not have these qualifications .

[ noun ] the act of modification or changing the strength of some idea


"his new position involves a qualification of his party's platform"

Used in print

(Dan McLachlan, Jr., "Communication Networks and...)

This , and other qualifications , make the cocktail_party the most complete and most chaotic communication_system ever dreamed_up .

Related terms

revision alteration qualify

[ noun ] a statement that limits or restricts some claim




"he recommended her without any reservations"