[ verb ] have an effect upon


"Will the new rules affect me?"

Used in print

(Jaroslav Pelikan, The Shape of Death: life, death and...)

That parallelism affects his picture of man 's disobedience too ; for as it was Christ , the Word_of_God , who came to rescue man , so it was disobedience to the word_of_God in_the_beginning that brought death into the world , and all our woe .

(Richard I. McCosh, "Recreation Site Selection"...)

If the site is on a reservoir , the level of the water at various seasons as it affects recreation should be studied .

A stream which has all_of its watershed within a national forest or other lands under good conservation practices is less likely to be affected by pollution than one passing_through unrestricted logging or past an industrial area .

Other factors , such as water temperature , depth of water , the fish life it supports , wave action , flooding , etcetera , will affect its recreation value .

The values of the site may be affected by the appearance of the adjoining lands , ownership and use of the land , and the utilities available there .

[ verb ] act physically on; have an effect upon

Used in print

(Time, 77: 3...)

Last week Chicago happily found its top scholar in Caltech 's acting dean of the faculty : dynamic Geneticist_George_Wells_Beadle , 57 , who shared the 1958 Nobel_Prize in medicine and physiology for discovering how genes affect heredity by controlling cell chemistry ( Time , Cover , July_14 , 1958 ) .

(The New Republic, 145: 19...)

Then it added : `` It is not possible to determine how extensive these ill effects will be - nor how many people will be affected '' .

Having hedged its bets in_this_way , PHS apparently decided it would be possible to make some sort_of determination after_all : `` At_present radiation levels , and even at somewhat higher levels , the additional risk is slight and very_few people will be affected '' .

(Dog World, 46:4...)

The Intermediates in the Class with the Judge were asked to pick 4 winners and give their reasons but their decisions did not affect the choice of the Judge .

(Lilian Pompian, "Tooth-Straightening Today"...)

Occasional sucking up to the fifth year may_not affect a youngster 's teeth ; but after_that , if thumb-sucking pressure is frequent , it will have an effect .

[ verb ] make believe with the intent to deceive


"He feigned that he was ill" "He shammed a headache"

Used in print

(National Review, xi: 26...)

He affected ( most properly ) not to understand my point .

(87th Congress, 1st Session. House Document No. 247....)

He will ever be my example as a true statesman ; one who is thoroughly human , who affects no dignity , and who is endowed_with real ability , genuine worth , and sterling honesty - all dedicated_to secure the best interests of the country he has loved and served so_long .

Although Sam_Rayburn affects a gruff exterior in many instances , nevertheless he is fundamentally a man of warm heart and gentle disposition .

[ verb ] connect closely and often incriminatingly


involve regard


"This new ruling affects your business"

Used in print

(Max F. Millikan and Donald L. M. Blackmer,...)

This condition affects not_only the conception but also the legislative and financial support of foreign_policy , especially in the context of economic aid .

Related terms

refer implicate respect

[ noun ] the conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion

Used in print

(E. Gellhorn, "Prolegomena to a theory of the emotions"...)

In_addition , the neocortical hypothalamic relations play a great role in primates , as Mirsky 's interesting experiment on the `` communication of affect '' demonstrates .

Related terms


[ verb ] have an emotional or cognitive impact upon


strike impress move


"This child impressed me as unusually mature" "This behavior struck me as odd"