fashion has definitions from the field of psychology
[ noun ] how something is done or how it happens


way style manner mode


"her dignified manner" "his rapid manner of talking" "their nomadic mode of existence" "in the characteristic New York style" "a lonely way of life" "in an abrasive fashion"

Used in print

(The Providence Journal...)

John_Heffernan , playing Larry_Larkin , the cartoonist , carries_the_show in marvelous fashion .

[ verb ] make out of components (often in an improvising manner)




"She fashioned a tent out of a sheet and a few sticks"

Used in print

(Jaroslav Pelikan, The Shape of Death: life, death and...)

From this earth , then , while it was still virgin God took dust and fashioned the man , the beginning of humanity '' .

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

Of the two , Porter is justly the better_known , for he went far beyond the vital finding of fiction for films to take the first_step toward fashioning a language of film , toward making the motion_picture the intricate , efficient time_machine that it has remained since , even in the most inept hands .

Related terms

make sew tie craft devising

[ noun ] characteristic or habitual practice

Used in print

(The Sun, [Baltimore],...)

The Orioles once_again performed at the plate in powderpuff fashion , gathering only seven blows off the offerings of three Kansas_City pitchers .

(Cornell H. Mayer, "Radio Emission of the Moon...)

They deduced from their measurements that the radio_emission from the whole disk of the moon varied during a lunation in a roughly sinusoidal fashion ; that the amplitude of the variation was considerably less_than the amplitude of the variation in the infrared_emission as measured by Pettit and Nicholson ( 1930 ) and Pettit ( 1935 ) ; and that the maximum of the radio_emission came about 3 - 1 2 days after Full_Moon , which is again in contrast to the infrared_emission , which reaches its maximum at Full_Moon .

(B. J. D. Meeuse, The Story of Pollination....)

Not always , though , does the development of a bumblebee colony take_place in the smooth fashion we have just described .

(Max F. Millikan and Donald L. M. Blackmer,...)

For_example , in accordance with the fashion of the times , most transitional societies have announced economic development plans of varying numbers of years ; such is the mystique of planning that people expect that fulfillment of the plan will follow automatically upon its announcement .

(Guy Endore, Voltaire! Voltaire!...)

And fashion is the real king here .

[ noun ] (psychology) the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior

Used in print

(Guy Endore, Voltaire! Voltaire!...)

That 's the fashion .

(John Dos Passos, Midcentury....)

Pat had been worried as hell ever since she 'd lost her job on that fashion magazine .